Thursday, 29 December 2016

What have I been up to. Hunters star revival

Well, a while ago I was part of
I was getting 12.5" blocks. Or so I thought.
My request was for Hunters Star. 12.5" blocks. Green star with white background..... No brights.
Well this is what I got.....
I know that it is a risk when you join a swap, I accept that. It is always a challenge to work out how to put the blocks to good use. Putting them together and having a finished product.
Some were even sewn in reverse. This happens with paper piecing. So I unpicked and reversed 3 blocks.
Fixing the reverse blocks.

As you can see they weren't that accurate. Some measured 11.5"
This one was way out...

One was bright, One had a green background.
Green background and brights.. oh well

Look at the different sizes...

Mmm,.some size variance 

What was I to do with them. I still wanted to use them. They were still good and made with love.
So I cut them all back to 11.5"
Positioned them.
All trimmed ready for stitching together.

And sewed 2 borders on them. I extended the stars in the first border.
I have a wide border to allow for quilting and trimming.
This now measures 45"
All ready for quilting


  1. All's well that ends well! Well Done

  2. That turned out great. Yes, you never know what you will get in a swap like that. A little love and a little patience goes a long way. Glad you got them all together. Looking forward to following along in 2017. Quilty friends rock!

  3. I love the challenge of a good swap. I love that one green is brighter and one has a light green background. It adds variety to the quilt. As for the size difference, they look great at 11 1/2". It really is a lovely quilt!
    I love the people I meet in swaps and the variety it gives to my quilts. I was also taught years ago, that if you don't like a block, it's your quilt and you don't have to use it. I have never left one out though.

  4. Very pretty. Glad you made it work for you!

  5. You are so clever Jo. It looks wonderful finished. Well done xx

  6. It is always a challenge putting together something made by many people. Fortunately this block still looks good even with some blocks cut down. You don't lose the points, because they are in the middle of the block rather than the edge. Very nice end result!

  7. They actually look great all together. Well done.

    I saw something on an old post of mine - do you remember that block swap we did with SSQ? I think you put in two bags. I still haven't joined all my blocks. They are in storage.

  8. You did a great job putting all the blocks together.... well done.

  9. Interesting how the blocks differed in size and also shades of green. Quit a lot of work to get them resized and lined up for the quilt. Good job, Jo.

  10. Yes, always interesting how a measurement is interpreted in a swap or group quilt...Hunter's Star is a great block, looking good the way you have put it together, like how you've extended the stars into the border...

  11. You have done really well with these blocks Jo, they look amazing all trimmed and ready to be quilted.

  12. I think you did well to get this sorted.............


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