Sunday, 11 December 2016

Tiny knitting

I've been knitting premie baby beanies. I have a lot of yarn of my mums to use up. I like giving to charity. I've been searching Pinterest for lots of ideas and I found quite a lot. But when I made them they would fit a full term baby head. I didn't think they were so small. I did find some smaller ones.
Here they are....
These are made with a garter st edge. A rib band works better as it has more stretch.

Standard patterns that need to be made longer...

It is the festive season and every little baby should celebrate. The nurses like to dress up the baby, take a photo and give it to the parents on Christmas Day. I have 2 more sizes to make to cover all the babies.
Santa PREM beanies. The tiny one is on a salt grinder.

After taking them to the hospital and a bit of discussion changes were needed. Yes, these could be used. It just meant that they had to fish through the box to get one that matched the size of head. If I could make it a bit longer and only use rib at the start it would better suit more sizes of heads. If it was a bit long they could just fold it up. If the babies head was bigger they could turn it down. They explained to me that some PREM babies heads were more elongated than a full term baby. So a varied size was needed. I'm working on some new patterns now.....

If any one wants to join in and help me the pattern will be up next week. You can email me for my address if you want to post them to me...


  1. Such wonderful way to celebrate Christmas with giving..
    Sorry Jo I'm not knitter but hope someone joins you..

  2. I'm not a knitter either...but these are adorable. Love the little santa one.

  3. What a wonderful idea to use your mom's yarn in such a fantastic way , I am sure your mom is smiling . They certainly are cute little hats 😊


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