Thursday, 8 December 2016

Dear Jane and some Hexies

This months Kilmore groups DEAR JANE blocks are getting done. Only 1 left and that has some hand stitching on it....

Dear Jane...... A 1

Dear Jane. .... L 8

Dear Jane ....... E 4

When I went to the lake for a retreat with the Sunraysia girls this is what I was going to work on. The trouble is the storm hit. Home we headed, no sewing just storm damage. Well, I did get back to it. Here it is so far. It has taken a couple of days.
Hexies and plaids


  1. More perfectly sewn blocks, Jo. Lovely!

  2. Caught up! Oh my that glad you escaped relatively unscathed...what a mess. Mmmm, yes, Benloch the retreat was not!...those bunks, no thank! Loving the hexies and plaids quilt so far...

  3. Great. Job with your DJ blocks and I can't believe you only took two days to make the hexie/plaid blocks...

  4. Beautiful hexies and wow on your DJ blocks xx

  5. Your DJ blocks are coming along nicely and I really like those hexie blocks, hadn't seen that pattern before, very effective.


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