Thursday, 15 December 2016

Our Zen Garden

When we moved we wanted to put in a little peaceful garden. The sound of running water, our sons plaque given to us from his friends, some little plants. Very calming.
We are also getting a shed built so this was the start.
Dug up ready for the shed and the peaceful garden.

All dug up, rocks down and now for the water feature
Assembling the water feature

Then it's finished for now.
It's all done. Looking bare but the plants will grow slowly


  1. Wow, you guys work quickly. It will be a lovely garden and a great memorial for your son, John.

  2. Such a lovely peaceful place to remember John. XX

  3. a beautiful peaceful simple spot to clam the mind........what sort of plants did you put in......

    shame the shed didn't happen so easy...........

  4. Lovely garden bed Jo, perfect for sitting and remembering John. How is the shed progress?

  5. Your zen garden looks wonderful! :0)

  6. It's looking great. What a lovely idea xx

  7. That's a lovely idea. Hope you both find your new Zen Garden a restful place.

  8. Lovely! I'm sure the plants will grow in no time.

  9. Such a lovely idea to build a zen garden...


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