Sunday, 25 December 2016

It's Christmas Day and present opening time....

I just don't know what to say. I am blown away with what Cassie has made and sent me. It really has put a smile on my face and made this Christmas a very special one. I am happy.
So I sit here this Christmas morning and just have to take time out to do a special post....
It's so good that Cassie has been blogging a little bit more at the end of this year instead of once or twice a year. When I started emailing and following her it was hard to see what she got up to. That has changed and it has been a joy to follow her blog and having the odd email chat with her.
We were partnered in the SSS16 over at
We were to make 5 gifts and a Santa sack, stocking or bag. I cannot express how amazed I am with what Cassie has sent me.... I hope you enjoy them too.
Love the little Xmas setting puzzle, the coiled basket, Xmas balls and bells, the ginger bread man is so cute and the tape measure rosette is fun. It will be added on to my wall hanging. It's very fun..
And of course the bag is a great one I can use to put a special project in...

Wow. Look at all these I get to open.
What a great selection and where do I start.
It's 41 here today so the chocolates need to go in the fridge and be cold and ready to eat at supper time

A pencil case and some wonderful scented pencils.
I have never seen these pencils.
Strawberry and chocolate scented.
Will these help me with that hunger feeling?????

A journal and a lovely cover.
This will be going to work.
I'm sure I will have lots of notes to take.
Another great little bag. I'm yet to find a home but I'm sure it won't take long.
Maybe I can do some stitching on my lunch break.
I can put the needle case in here too. 

A great bag for my tea cup and tea bags at work.. 

A great bag with a zipper to close the top and a side pocket too.
Wonderful. Might be handy at my new job.

Love the saying on this t shirt.
I don't where you got it from but it is fantastic...
****** Cassie made a special order for my t shirt from ******** 

A lovely little needle case. I can see me making a few of theses as gifts... 

If the shirt fits WEAR IT... and it does..
Great for workshops and retreats.
I don't know how she knew my size...

A lovely selection of gifts in this years Santa Sack Swap...

I am about to start a new job so I will be able to use a few of these gifts straight away.
There is a mug bag for my tea cup and tea bags, a special journal and cover, a beautiful pencil case and gorgeous scented grey leads ( I will be taking lots of notes so they will be used )
And then there is this fun t-shirt I will be wearing to my quilt group meetings and workshops.
Of course all the other gifts will be used...



  1. What a marvellous collection of bags! Cassie must have worked very hard making so many lovely presents and also finding so many gifts to send you. The T shirt looks great, just the colour to go with your current Bonnie mystery. Hope you had a good Christmas Day. 2.30am here, I'm awake coughing like crazy as I have another awful cold. Not good timing for Christmas! Family arriving mid morning so hope I feel a bit better by then.

  2. WOW such wonderful range of beautiful gifts you received from Cassie..
    I'm having a very relaxed Christmas Day that's why I can read your post..LOL.
    Hope you are having a great time.

  3. Love the tshirt wonderful set of gifts !

  4. Lovely gifts there Jo
    Merry Christmas xx

  5. They are all beautiful swap gifts Jo, love the t shirt!!! Good luck with the new job, where will you be working?

  6. Oh! how exciting! I am keen to hear about your new job too!

  7. oh isn't the internet and all the talented love out there that gets shared with lovely people like you just wonderful? xo

  8. What a great bunch of gifts. The t-shirt is wonderful. Good luck with the job... when do you start and what will you be doing? Congrats anyway

  9. Wow! What a lovely box of presents!! Love the T-Shirt. So excited for you to have a job - where, what, when?????

  10. Yay, Im so glad that you like it. The tshirt fits perfectly too, Im so happy. I will check where i bought the tshirt in my internet history. I am blogging now about the wonderful gifts that you sent to me. Thank you so much, you a woman of many talents.

  11. is the name of the place I bought the Tshirt.

  12. that is a massive pile of gifts........

  13. Merry Christmas Jo! you are rocking the tshirt! xo

  14. WOW.. that certainly is quite a haul from your partner Cassie...
    Thanks for being such a good sport too...
    HaPPy New Year... xox

  15. You have received lots of lovely gifts from Cassie. I especially love the little draw string bag that youj'll be using for your coffee mug for work....


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